Your Employees are Professionals...Show It!

Hat Snaps allow you to clean up your hardhats with a professional appearance that customers will remember and you employees will be proud to display.

Great Looking – Your logo and design on every employee
High Visibility – On your employees hard hats everyday
Easy to use – Snaps right into the accessory slot on most hard hats.
Safe – all exposed surfaces on non conductive, does not require any modification to the hard hat.
Employee Pride – not a cheap sticker that looks tacky, but an award that your employees will proudly display their important achievements with your company!
Easily updated – New Awards can be changed out in a matter of seconds with no tools required.
Quality Award – gives your employees a unique and personal award that they can be proud of.
Displayed Daily – unlike a pen or lapel pin (that sits at home or in a desk drawer) this award will be displayed every day on your employee’s hard hat in their work environment.
Easily Recognizable – by all your employees and customers and lets them recognize your long term or top performing employees.